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Regional Workshop on Capacity Building on Food Security in Agro-
Processing Industry among Mekong Countries and People’s Republic of China

25 February – 9 March 2024

Office of Industrial Economics and National Food Institute

Ministry of Industry, Thailand

Pre/Post test
Please indicate your perspective opinion as per below
Lecture 1: MLC’s connection: Food security
1. Background of MLC region in all aspect and its connection
2. How MLC region plays an important role in term of food security to each country
Lecture 2: Food security
1. Overall situation of food security in CLMVT and China
2. Food security development policy in CLMVT and China
3. Food security is important to the region
Lecture 3: Food Technology
1. Overall situation of raw material (crops) and harvest in CLMVT and China
2. Current technology of agro-processing in CLMVT and China
3. Processing technology enhances food security
Lecture 4: China’s macro-economic development policy and food security
1. Current situation macro-economic of China
2. China’s macro-economic development policy
3. China enhance food security in the country
Lecture 5: Packaging and Materials Technology
1. Current technology of agro-processing food packaging in CLMVT and China
2. Innovation and opportunity for agro-processing food packaging in the region
Lecture 6: Simple financial management and accounting for small entrepreneurs
1. Financial management could lift the standard of food security system
2. Case study of financial assistance especially for small entrepreneurs
Lecture 7: Development R&D
1. Current situation in food security development R&D
2. Governments support the development R&D in the country
3. Development R&D is a key to achieve the food security and sustainable development goal of the UN